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Mar 19, 2019

Komono (misc. stuff) and sentimental items are the last two categories we're tackling to finish up Marie Kondo's Tidying Up process with the KonMari method. Bonus: Storage tips for organizing all that remains.


Subcategories of Komono to tackle include:

1. CDs/DVDs (and records);

2. skincare products;

3. makeup;

4. accessories;

5. valuables (e.g., credit card, passports);

6. electrical equipment & appliances - anything remotely electric;

7. household equipment (e.g., writing and stationary materials, sewing kits);

8. household supplies - anything expendable (e.g., medicine, detergent, tissues);

9. kitchen goods & food supplies (e.g., spatulas, pots, blenders, non-electrical kitchen items);

10. other (e.g., spare change, figurines); and

11. special interest or hobby related items.