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Jan 15, 2022

It's January and the snow is piling up in Saint John, NB, so what better time to share a few winter tips? Amy and Jeff are representing Canadians for this one, so have a listen and a few laughs. Stay safe and warm, friends!

Jan 2, 2022

Happy New Year!  2021 was another challenging year, so hopefully this episode helps you get into a positive mindset for 2022. Amy and Jeff cover some tips for making changes and increasing your hope and happiness, with many sidebars along the way (including a quick chat about Yellowstone - no spoilers).  

Dec 20, 2021

Looking to add a little more calm to your life? Join Jeff and Amy as they discuss ways to be more Zen, or perhaps just more Jeff-like. Keep Calm and Carry On Listening!

Nov 28, 2021

Get in the spirit of the season with Amy and Jeff as they cover unique traditions you can add to your holidays this year.  This episode's random tip is courtesy of Jeff and brought more than a few laughs. Happy Holidays!

Nov 21, 2021

The art of persuasion hasn't really changed in over 2,000 years and this episode covers the keys to mastering that art. Jeff and Amy also give a few show recommendations and don't miss the random tip for coffee. Hopefully you've been persuaded to listen... (see what we did there?)